USA admired the Russian ships of project 22160

USA admired the Russian ships of project 22160

Russian patrol ships of project 22160 represent innovative and quite clever decision, as with comparable features almost two times less than the us littoral combat ships program LCS (Littoral combat ship). This writes The Drive.

“Russia to build half a dozen patrol ships of project 22160 who use innovative and compact design, providing many opportunities and potentially huge military blow in a relatively small package,” notes to the American edition.

In The Drive to emphasize that the project 22160 implements “is quite an innovative concept in order to Western naval forces have studied it as a source of inspiration for their future multi-purpose warships.” The publication also notes the high cost of American ships as compared to Russian.

Corvettes of project 22160 designed to protect coastal waters. A ship with a displacement of 1.7 thousand tons uses technology to reduce the visibility, speeds up to 27 knots, armed with 76-millimeter gun mount AK-176МА equipped with a hydroacoustic complex, carries a helicopter and missiles.

Construction program LCS ships of the US air force designed to patrol the coastal zone, combat surface and submarine forces of the enemy counter UAVs and intelligence.