The property of Colonel gathered second hand

The property of Colonel gathered second hand

The accomplice Dmitry Zakharchenko, the FSB has arrested assets of 300 million.

Yesterday it became known about arrest of property belonging under investigation, the FSB Colonel Dmitry Seninu and his family. In total, under the burden of an alleged accomplice of the ex-officer of Guebipk of the MIA of Dmitry Zakharchenko hit cars, cars, apartments, houses and land worth more than 300 million RUB From Colonel Zakharchenko and his relatives in state revenue were converted property and cars for 800 million rubles, and more than RUB 7 billion in cash.

As follows from the case materials, at the request of the TFR, the Basmanny district court of Moscow has seized property of Dmitry Senin, his wife Olga, sisters Irina Mallkini and even about ten. According to “Kommersant”, under the encumbrance came property of some of Sergey Kravchenko, Victor Yagura, Galina, Sulemenko, Ivan Kozhevnikov, Jaroslav Belik, Kirill Rapoport, Victor Kuzenkova and Mr. Leneva. In total in criminal case, arrested eight expensive cars and Parking spaces, about 20 apartments in Moscow, Moscow region and Sochi, as well as land and a house in the suburbs, worth more than 300 million rubles.

Note that to consider the petition for arrest of property the court had twice, because the appellate court found that in the detention list includes two apartments, which are not specified in the document of the investigation to others. We are talking about Moscow apartments Irina Mallkini and a former employee of the interior Ministry Ivan Kozhevnikov. In the first case, as it turned out, the property was already in third person, but the apartment on Novy Arbat was owned by the father of Mr. Kozhevnikov. When making a new decision, the court these aspects are taken into account, but the arrest the property is not removed.

In a similar situation and got a few buyers of cars from the fleet of the couple Senin. As told “Kommersant” lawyer Igor Pavin, his client Jaroslav Belik in the summer of 2016 bought Olga Senina Mercedes GL500, who after a year sold. “I assume the investigation did not bother to detailed figuring out who and what really belongs to. The basis, apparently, was taken as the base of traffic police over the last seven years, which featured all the cars that have ever owned Senini wife, and all of them were under arrest,” — told “Kommersant” Mr. Piven. According to counsel, his client, the court forbade to dispose of the car, which he has long gone. Similar thing happened with another Mercedes, which previously also owned by the wife of Dmitry Senin. Three years ago, he was handed over to the trade-in to one of the capital’s salons. All this time the car was owned by the new owner. However, in court he is to achieve the lifting of arrest still failed.

“My client, the court also arrested not only the Mercedes, which was sold through the dealership and share in the apartment, which she owns jointly with her spouse, but the estate that was her property before marriage with Dmitry,” — said “Kommersant” the lawyer Elena Martynova, representing interests of Olga Senina.

As follows from the Declaration on incomes, from 2009 to 2015 Dmitriy Senin has managed to earn about 22 million rubles, and his wife, about 11 million rubles In the TFR believe that expensive cars and real estate was purchased with funds obtained by illegal means, and was recorded by the officer of the FSB as its name, and on the other, not associated entities.

FSB Colonel Senin is charged on counts of bribery (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code) in the amount of $800 thousand and about 3.5 million rubles from the owner of the restaurant La Maree Copper Dossa. In both cases, as suggested in the TFR, master Senin, who escaped abroad, acted in the interests and in collusion with the former Deputy head of the “T” Guebipk of the MIA of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko, who was arrested in September 2016. The state office of public Prosecutor through court paid state income the property of Colonel Zakharchenko and his relatives and friends estimated at more than 8 billion rubles. the Main part of the confiscated goods amounted to the money found in the apartment of his sister. The cost of real estate and cars, chosen by the family, was about 800 million rubles, the Prosecutor’s office yesterday was unable to immediately answer “y” to the question whether the authority to file a similar claim to Mr Sanino.

Oleg Rubikovich