Shoigu said about the negotiations with the Syrian fighters on the addition of weapons

Shoigu said about the negotiations with the Syrian fighters on the addition of weapons

Moscow. April 4. INTERFAX.RU. The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that a large part of the territory of Syria released by militants of ISIS (banned in the Russian organization), convince the rest to lay down their arms.

“Liberated a large part of the territory of Syria from the terrorists, with the rest going to the detailed negotiations on the addition of weapons,” — said Shoigu at the VII Moscow conference on international security.

According to him, thwarted the plans of education of pseudohalide.

“It is obvious that by combining our efforts with the coalition, the story of ISIS in the region have been able to finish much earlier and with fewer losses,” — said the head of the defense Ministry.

He noted that positive changes in the country occurred “after the operation the Russian aerospace defence forces and the creation of a real anti-terrorism Alliance among Iran, Russia and Turkey.”

The Minister stressed that the anti-terrorist coalition under the U.S. leadership could not solve the problem of dealing with terrorists in Syria, its purpose was to consolidate military and economic presence in the country. “It (the coalition — if) came and is over 30 leading military States involved considerable resources, including aircraft and special operations forces. However, tangible results were achieved. The territory controlled by ISIS in Iraq and Syria has expanded,” — said Shoigu.


“It’s hard to believe that a powerful coalition group are unable to cope with the terrorists. Apparently, the goal was different: to undermine the situation in the region, to consolidate their military and economic presence,” said the Minister.

Furthermore, Shoigu said that the Russian airborne forces over the past three months killed in Syria 17 drones were used by militants, which could not be created without the assistance of developed countries. “Terrorists use modern weapons, combat drones. So, the drones used by the militants in Syria, equipped with ammunition and able to act at a distance of over 100 km,” he said.