Scientists have named Champions high self-esteem among students

Scientists have named Champions high self-esteem among students

MOSCOW, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. Students-men were prone to extreme forms of high self-esteem — they think they are smarter than all the other fellow students about 3 times more often than female students, say scientists in an article published in the journal Advances in Physiology Education.

“Recently, I began asking my students how they held classes, and I noticed an interesting trend. Very often students have told me that they were afraid that their classmates consider them to be “stupid”. I’ve never heard anything like that from guys, and so I decided to study this phenomenon,” stated Kathleen Cooper (Katelyn Cooper), a biologist from the University of Arizona in Tempe (USA).

In recent years, scientists have begun to pay close attention to the fact that the body of men and women as well as females and males can completely different ways to react to different stimuli, including pain, pleasure or other signals, including for various social processes and phenomena.

For example, recently biologists have found that differences in responses of men and women to stress are explained by the presence in the body of the first particular protein, the overwhelming reaction of anxiety. In turn, experiments, psychologists show that men are more inclined to utilitarian and rational thinking, while women tend to follow the highest standards of morality and ethics.