“A single exam should assess creativity”

“A single exam should assess creativity”

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev explained “Kommersant FM”, what is meant by “cancelled”.

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev urged not to completely abandon the Unified state exam, but considers it necessary to revise the system of assessment. About this the scientist himself said in an interview with “Kommersant FM”. Earlier media published the thesis of the President of the RAS that the cancellation of the exam will allow you to change “the trajectory of education.”

— Why do you think that the exam is now cannot be considered an effective tool?

— All ask me what I had in mind when he talked about the exam. I think, here, of course, a very important context. And just ripped the words out of context can really somehow disorienting.

We are talking here about what: at the opening of the Moscow economic forum, I was asked to welcome guests and say a few words about the current moment. I said that the current moment is characterized by the fact that we are part of a new sixth anniversary, the tasks of overcoming our technological, scientific and technological backwardness. And this overcoming rate should be large enough, we have in science and technology to develop not only faster than we develop neinnovatsionnoy sector in industry, but also faster than develop innovative sector of the foreign industry.

This is a heavyweight task, and many skeptics — and not just the skeptics say: how is it here so we can yank this all we get?

I said I believe the most important condition for General feasibility of this task that we will make maximum use proper quality, creativity and creativity.

Only when we unleash our creativity, we are able to make a claim. This should be done on all fronts — in the academic environment and in the economic institutions and universities, and at school — everywhere.

In academic institutions, you know, two years ago introduced a system of hour norm, introduced rationing of the creative work of the scientist. This has never happened before — neither in Soviet times, or earlier in the Russian time. And it’s wrong.

If we go further down to the University / school, we need maximum focus on how to foster creativity, to take away the creative person. Because they are in the future after some time will come to science and will be able to pull out of such a situation.