Australians will start to print the explosives

Australians will start to print the explosives

The three-dimensional printing technology with the help of explosives will be established in two years.

Australian company DST and DefendTex engaged in a joint development of additive technology, in which the material for three-dimensional printing will be used explosives. According to Defense Aerospace, all work on the project is scheduled for completion in the next two years.

Explosives in their physical condition are divided into eight major types: gas, liquid, gel, suspension, emulsion, solid, plastic and elastic. For military purposes commonly used explosives last three types. Explosive substances are formed and packaged at the factory.

According to the Minister of defence industry of Australia the Hon Christopher Pyne, three-dimensional printing simplifies the manufacturing of explosives including solid propellant Assembly for missiles. While additive technologies can afford to make explosives with improved properties. Other details about the project are still unknown.