Video of the day: hip-hop sounds of wild animals

Video of the day: hip-hop sounds of wild animals

Scientists at Cornell University and musician Ben Mirin designed the app-game “Beastbox”. It is possible to create music in the style of hip-hop from the sounds of the animals, the newspaper reports Mongabay.

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Myryn says that he has long studied the sounds of nature and were inspired by them. “BeastBox is an opportunity to share not only music, but also knowledge. I hope that people will play and get close to nature, because the future of our planet depends on how people perceive the world around” — says the musician.

In the app you can also learn about the animals, the sounds which are used in the program, their habitat and the surrounding ecosystem. For example, there is information about the inhabitants of the Great barrier reef, tropical rainforests of Madagascar and the Sonoran desert.

To create tracks with BeastBox you need here.

In fact, animals can be more than just musicians: they are faithful friends, with them and dance and have a good time, and even exercise.