The Tribunal declared illegal the transfer of land to the company Grudinina

The Tribunal declared illegal the transfer of land to the company Grudinina

Arbitration court of the Moscow region satisfied the claim of JSC “state Farm. Lenin,” on the return in the property of the Farm two plots of land worth over 1 billion rubles, to earlier of the candidate in presidents of Russia of Pavel Grudinina.

It is reported that the court examined the shareholders ‘ claim and invalidated the Foundation agreement, OOO “TT development”, which was concluded between Grudinina, state Farm and others.

The representative of the plaintiffs Vladimir Boyarinov said that the deal was done with the interest, as at the time of its conclusion Grudinin was not only Director of the Farm, but also the founder of OOO “TT development”.

The representative also said that the transaction was not properly approved by the General meeting of shareholders of the Farm, as even if it was held the plaintiffs were not notified of the date and venue. Moreover, the transaction, the plaintiffs learned only in January 2018 from the media, and then appealed to the court.

The representative of the Farm said that the fact of interest in relation to these transactions are not confirmed, as they have caused damage. At the time of the transaction Grudinin did not own more than 20% of shares of OOO “TT development”, and do not take the position.

As a result of recognition of the transaction illegal now, both sites are worth more than 1 billion can be given back to the Farm, if the decision of the court of arbitration will not be challenged. Moreover, these plots are sold to foreign companies, they have actually started construction.

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