Poklonskaya up with names for the newest weapons systems Russia

Poklonskaya up with names for the newest weapons systems Russia

The Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Natalia Poklonskaya announced their names on new types of Russian weapons, which Russian President Vladimir Putin presented in the message to the Federal Assembly. About it the Deputy wrote on his page in social network “Vkontakte”.


“…I propose to give the name “Crimea” military laser complex, and the unmanned underwater vehicle — the name “Sevastopol”, — said the Deputy.

According to the MP, these names will remind us of the historical event of reunification of the Russian lands of the modern period, transfers “the Newspaper.ru”.

Earlier, the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov has proposed to name one of the weapons of the “Givi” in honor of the commander of one of divisions of militia of Donbass Mikhail Tolstoy (call sign “Givi”). In addition, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov proposed to call the latest Russian cruise missile “Palmyra” in honor of the victims in Syria, Russian pilots.

The defense Ministry announced that the vote on the choice of names for new weapons will be launched on the website of the military Department in the near future.

On March 1 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly presented a number of new weapons, including a complex “Sarmat” and “avant-garde”. The head of state stressed that some new types of strategic weapons while there are no names, inviting the citizens to participate in the choice of names.