Last male white Rhino is sick

Last male white Rhino is sick

45-year-old last male white Rhino Sudan suffered from two infections in the right rear paw.

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45 years is a long time for the rhinos, who usually live to 40, so the health of the Sudan has been shaken, and the future looks grim. The problems began in the end of 2017, when veterinarians discovered the infection in his paw and healed it. But in mid-February Sudan again feel bad: the doctors have discovered a new infection, and the treatment no longer worked as before.

But even before health problems the chances of the Sudan for the restoration of the population of white rhinos in Africa was negligible, as reported by LiveScience. Previously, this subspecies of rhinoceros were spread throughout Uganda, Chad, Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But poaching and the chaos of the civil wars almost destroyed their population.

Last white rhinos seen in the wild in 2007, it is now believed that there were no more left.

Since then, living in captivity, white rhinoceros died out one after the other, mostly due to age.

In 2014, Sudan was the only living male and one of three white rhinos in the world. In the reserve, Ol-Pejeta, there are two females, Najin and Fatu, with Fatu daughter of Sudan, Najin and his granddaughter, both can not get pregnant. The reserve staff are trying to artificially save white rhinos, using their semen, oocytes and IVF technology.

Now the main task is to fertilize eggs in the laboratory, as well as the successful implantation of the embryo in the body of females surviving subspecies of white Rhino.