Hurt and sleepless. 5 signs that you have OCD

Hurt and sleepless. 5 signs that you have OCD

If you find them, do not be nervous — this is normal.

According to who, stress and neurosis affecting up to 25% of the adult population of Europe, and every sixth-seventh among them — not older than 25 years.

Look at yourself from the side and check notice the following signs?

Fault-finding. The most insignificant trifle — type of obscure question colleagues or for the lack of your favorite chocolate in the store — takes you out of yourself. Just want to tell everyone how to live, and very emotional.

Resentment. You only see the negative in relation to himself: and for lunch the colleagues you were not invited, and Parking your took especially. And good and do not notice.

Obsession. Last month someone said something to you is not very pleasant. And you still think, as I had to answer. And rehearse what they will say if the situation will repeat. Alas, but you about this case no one remembers.

Hostility. In any situation, you immediately expect a negative outcome. The new boss is bound to be unfair. The neighbors in the compartment, chatty couple with children or a snoring man. Solid online fraudsters. And in the world outside of yourself, you go out, armed with spikes, to strike first.

Insomnia. Despite the fatigue, you can’t sleep. Even in dreams you chew on problems of the day: who have not looked, not told, and it would be necessary to call the provider and complain about the quality of mobile communication. What a dream if so many problems it is necessary to consider!

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