What the men do in the bathroom

What the men do in the bathroom

And you weak?

You know that the restroom in bars, cafes and restaurants is often not used for its intended purpose. Sometimes it is a place of meetings, secret conversations and the irresistible fun.

These guys, for example, in the dressing room of one of the bars put on quite a show, erecting a giant tower out of empty beer bottles, and even managed to be photographed with her.

However, history is silent about the outcome of this experiment and hurt anyone by broken glass after the show. But it was fun.

Heard cheering from the men’s washroom at the bar, walked in and stumbled upon this moment of pure joy. https://t.co/9siPmIhRIC pic.twitter.com/k1LatAMqOX

— Daily Pictures (@getyerfix) February 28, 2018.