USA found a way to destroy a hypersonic weapon Russia

USA found a way to destroy a hypersonic weapon Russia

The head of the Strategic command of the armed forces of the United States General John Khayten, speaking in February of 2018 at the conference of the Association of air and missile defense of the U.S. Army, offered a way of countering Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons, according to Defense News.


The commander proposes to focus on the spacecraft to prevent startup and to eliminate ballistic missiles and hypersonic aircraft. “This sensor could track a missile in the middle part of ballistic trajectory (when you are outside the atmosphere, the warhead was detached from the carrier — approx. “Of the”), but also to observe and find from space and other emerging threats, such as hypersound,” said the General.

After the detection from space hypersonic vehicle of the enemy its elimination is proposed to carry out on a tip sensor space by traditional means of land, air or sea-based.

Hayden believes that currently available to the United States land, air and sea weapons is not enough to detect the hypersonic aircraft. In particular, today the Pentagon has the infrastructure, intended to deal exclusively with ballistic missiles.