Satan, dagger and others: what kind of weapons Putin has shown to the Federal Assembly

Satan, dagger and others: what kind of weapons Putin has shown to the Federal Assembly

Today, the message to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin spoke about the cutting-edge weapon that created in our country.


Indicator.Ru will not discuss the military-political aspect of this broad mention, but a little talk about what Putin presented Russia and the world.

The Reincarnation Of “Satan”

First Putin presented an Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”. The video presents footage from the shooting of her tests and animation work of the warhead.

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RS-28 “Sarmat”, or (in NATO terms) Satan-2, heavy liquid-fuel ballistic missile launch weight of over 200 tons of “unlimited” range.

In fact, the range of the missile sufficient to attack the enemy at any trajectory, for example, over the North or South pole.

Rocket created including in order to be able to use mine ballistic missiles R-36M2, which is equipped with protection against pre-emptive nuclear strike. In addition, “Sarmat” revives the old tradition of orbital bombardment, allowing it to deliver a warhead to the US territory for any trajectory.

Super new hypersonic

Now we allow ourselves to jump through a few updates to apply to atmospheric hypersonic Intercontinental missile, which, according to Putin, can steadily maneuver in the atmosphere at speeds up to Mach 17-22 and to strike the enemy “like a meteor” or “fireball”. Actually, here is probably talking about weapons relevant to the “Sarmat”, namely, the military part of the u-71 (aka “project 4202”). Hypersonic warhead “Albatross” began to be developed in the Soviet Union, but then the project ran into severe difficulties and was closed.

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Configuration u-71 we do not know almost nothing (no wonder Putin said that even the appearance of the device is not subject to disclosure), however, this device can carry both nuclear and non-nuclear warhead that is unavailable to defeat modern and promising interceptor missiles. The main thing is that it can be used without the “Sarmatian”.

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