Marine Le Pen could face three years in prison for “terrorism”

Marine Le Pen could face three years in prison for “terrorism”

It’s going to be held accountable for the publication in Twitter of photographs of victims of the militants of the “Islamic state”.

The leader of the far-right party of France “national front” marine Le Pen was accused of distribution of images with scenes of violence, writes the French media, citing sources in the Prosecutor’s office. She faces up to three years in prison and a fine of 75 thousand euros for Twitter posts of photos depicting victims of the militants of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia).

“I support the resistance “Islamic state”. I obviously care about the fight against terrorism. To blame me, they used the text [tweet], originally written to protect children from social networks. This world has gone mad,” said Le Pen to Le Figaro.

. In November 2017 due to Twitter posts she was stripped of parliamentary immunity. The decision was made at the request of law enforcement. After the deprivation of Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity, the police received the right to call her in for questioning, and prosecute.

Visiblement agacée par la matinale de J-J. Bourdin, Marine Le Pen craque et publie des photos d exécutions de #Daech

— Arthur Berdah (@arthurberdah) 16 Dec 2015

The scandal broke in 2015. Journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin compared the “national front” with the “Islamic state”. In response, outraged Le Pen tweeted three pictures of the victims of ISIS with the caption “that is ISIS!”. She later deleted the picture, which was shown the decapitated body of journalist James Foley. About this Le Pen asked his parents.

The politician was heavily criticized for publishing photos. The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls said that these photos “show a lack of respect for the victims, the moral and political decline” of Le Pen. The Minister of internal Affairs Bernard Cazeneuve has called the publication of photos of “ISIS propaganda”.

Marine Le Pen was born in a family of political outcast Jean-Marie Le pen, who claimed that the gas chambers a “detail” of the history of the Third Reich, and the Jews are secretly trying to take over the world. Marin entered politics after his father. She joined in the “national front”, and then headed it. Having power over the party, Le Pen declared “medievalisation”, that is, public rejection of radical anti-Semitic slogans of his father.

Marine Le pen supported the joining of Crimea to Russia and calls to abandon the demonization of Vladimir Putin. During the presidential elections in France, it has advanced to the second round with the current President Emmanuel Macron, but lost him. Politicians and journalists often compare Le Pen with Donald trump and mark its growing popularity among the French.