Life hack of the day. How to keep love forever

Life hack of the day. How to keep love forever

The recipe for success perfect relationship.

After Valentine’s Day it’s been two weeks, but the surprises for some of the lovers do not end there.

Girl Jordan from Texas shared a secret, which was invented by her boyfriend. Valentine’s Day boyfriend, Jordan gave her a bouquet of roses with the words: “I will love you until, until you wither last flower”.

On Valentine’s Day my boyfriend gave me roses and said “I’ll love you till the last one dies”.. & it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I realized one was fake and will never die ??

— Geordann. (@Simplyy_Gee) 24 Feb 2018

At first she did not notice the ambiguity of this phrase, but when a few days later looked again at the bouquet, I realized an important detail. It turns out the guy added in one bouquet artificial rose. Thus, at least one flower in the bouquet will not wither ever — love couples will last forever.

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