How to survive an armed attack. Three stories

How to survive an armed attack. Three stories

The stories of three people who survived an armed attack. How to act? To flee or not to move?

The US President Donald trump said that he would come running to help in school in Florida, where there was a mass shooting. What would other, face to face with an armed attacker?

“I really think that ran would be there, even if I got no weapons,” said trump during a meeting with governors at the White house.

We asked three people survived an armed attack as they acted during the attack, and how deliberate was their actions.

“I was fighting for my life”

Heather Bryant, age 42, Maryland

One evening I was working alone in the store, and we went down a man, he put a gun to my chest and demanded money.

He continued to hold the gun aimed in my direction, I slowly collected the money, put them in a bag and gave it to him, thinking that he will leave.

But he doesn’t leave.

He told me to shut up, swore and demanded I took him to the warehouse. I pretended to agree to comply with his demand. I could not imagine how to get out of this situation. I only had a few seconds to think.

I only managed to figure out what would be better if he shot me here in the store, where at any moment somebody could enter than in the warehouse where there are even Windows and there will be no possibility to escape from it. I decided that I don’t want to go to the warehouse together with this armed man.

I pretended to open the door of the warehouse. When he was just a few seconds removed his gun from my chest, I dumped him a metal stand. The robber fell to his knees, the money scattered over the floor.

I noticed that the weapons in his hands. But he was mad at me. I knew that I needed to continue to fight. When we rushed at each other, I noticed that the woman, frightened by the noise in the shop, looking out the window at what is happening. This startled the robber. He grabbed the gun and ran away. When he ran, he shouted, “get back with me”.

I know a lot of people who fall into a stupor when faced with such danger. They feel helpless and weak and literally can’t move.