The Museum and its inhabitants

The Museum and its inhabitants

Than live Kizhi? Photos Of Alexander City.


“Spark” has visited Kizhi, where buildings and people together become part of a Grand exposition.

Both are originally from these places, historic Kizhi parish. And both are happy to have turned a wedding into a historical reconstruction. Such celebrations are held in the Museum-reserve Kizhi almost every year. Songs, rituals, costumes — all historically accurate. The staff of the Museum for this very watch.

Since 1994 on the Museum island there is a program “the Revived exposition”. In tourist season, you go in historical costumes, sew, weave, knit, embroider, carve wood. There is even a special area where old-fashioned way sow the flax, and then you shake it, like a hundred years ago, by hand. Involved in this not only the Museum, but also pensioners, children — in General, a considerable part of the local population.


So informative just here in the summer, when the pier one by one arriving tourist boats. In Kizhi in winter low season, can be reached only by boats hovercraft. But at this time of year very much felt by Northern architecture. Wooden churches, chapels, peasant houses, mills and barns were brought here from all over Karelia. They are of different age: one built in the late XVII century, others in the early twentieth century. But they all create a sense of the present of the Russian North. Almost everywhere are gone, but Kizhi is carefully preserved.

Text: Nikita Aronov

Photo: Alexander Lvov