Scientists have described how Tesla Mask can destroy life on Mars

Scientists have described how Tesla Mask can destroy life on Mars

MOSCOW, 1 Mar — RIA Novosti. Tesla Rodster launched into space by the SpaceX company, in the event of a collision with Mars will bring to the planet earth’s bacteria, which can threaten the local biological life. It warned scientists from the American Purdue University.


The statement recalled that NASA understand the danger of contact with earth bacteria to other planets, so the spacecraft sent to the moon or Mars, are processed and brought to a sterile state. Tesla, however, such training is not passed, the researchers note.

“If on Mars there is a biological life, then it is a risk to mix with organisms from Earth. Will there be earthly representatives of more adaptable and will conquer Mars, so that we don’t know what he was biosphere? Or they will not be able to adapt better Martian organisms? We don’t know,” says an expert on planetary studies Professor Jay Melosh.

Scientists remind us that extreme temperature, low pressure and radiation make space inhospitable environment for living organisms. However, this does not always kill them, some bacteria in vacuum hibernate and as long as they will not be in the right conditions.

Previously, scientists have shown that the “Tesla” approach with the red planet this year.