Resisting Afrin: Kurdish 40 days hold the Fort

Resisting Afrin: Kurdish 40 days hold the Fort

The operation of the Turkish armed forces in Afrin Syria has lasted for nearly six weeks, however, the Kurdish population of the region and YPG (defense forces of the Kurds) is not going to take positions and continue to fight for their land — there’s nothing else left, told RIA Novosti co-Chairman of the Committee on public relations of the Federation of Northern Syria (Rozhava) Gharib, Huso.

About the beginning of “operation Olive branch” the Turkish General staff announced on January 20. Simultaneously with Turkey, the militants of the “free Syrian army”. Damascus strongly condemned Turkey’s actions in ‘ afrīn, noting that this territory is an integral part of Syria. Moscow in connection with the situation in Afrin called on all parties to show restraint and to respect territorial integrity of Syria.

The spirit of resistance

“Despite the power and military equipment, which has Turkey for 40 days, the Kurds and the YPG does not give up, continue to fight and not allow the Turkish forces to pass to the center. Afrin shows strong resistance. For Turkey Afrin is only a small village. However, the operation could not be completed until now,” said Huso.

According to the latest data, the victims of the operation were more than 180 civilians and about 560 injured. He Houso and his family live in Afrin and are followers of yezidism. House afraid that it is a society in which coexist different ethnic groups and religions, is on the verge of collapse.

“Before this attack, all nationalities and religions lived peacefully in’ afrīn. Destroyed building can be rebuilt, but destroyed by society — no. We have no choice but to fight and resist to the end. We have no choice, even if we have to deal with such a strong member of NATO”, — he explained.

According to House living in ‘ Afrīn Yazidis fear persecution by the Turkish forces. Many have already left their homes.

Different poles

Turkey has repeatedly said that fighting terrorism in Syria, as a NATO member and part of the international coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state.”* The Alliance has urged Ankara to refrain from disproportionate use of force, but did not Express any objections to its actions in Northern Syria.

Damascus, in turn, called Turkey’s actions “aggression” and “occupation”. The Syrian government has indicated that the presence of military forces of another state on the Syrian territory without her consent contrary to the norms of international law.During the download an error has occurred.

“Turkey acts in cooperation with terrorist groups know all about it. Their combined forces attacked and occupied Syrian territory. Nobody sees Turkish flags in ‘ afrīn. It is the occupation,” said Huso.

According to him, the Kurds in Afrin believe that Russia could influence events in the region. As previously stated, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, in case of need, Russia is ready to mediate to resolve the situation. At the same time Moscow does not impose its role.


The next phase

As long as the international community is trying to isolate themselves from the situation in Afrin, Syrian government and the Kurds were “in the same boat”. In mid-February, Damascus and the Kurds reached an agreement about the arrival of Syrian troops on the border with Turkey in the district of Afrin. Later, the YPG confirmed the information about the arrival of Syrian militia in Afrin for the common defense of the Syrian territory.