Life unsweetened toffee. The results of the examination “candy from my childhood”

Life unsweetened toffee. The results of the examination “candy from my childhood”

In the sample, its name promising “plenty of milk” (and pointed to it in the composition) “signs of condensed milk not detected”.

“Toffee” in the Soviet Union was probably the most popular candy. They are readily available and delicious. Moreover, their varieties in the sale was much less than now. And many people, remembering “one more taste” claim: “toffee is not quite the same as before”. But is it? Does the quality of the candy that was several decades ago?

Experts of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” sent to the lab products 6 4 brands and manufacturers: “kitty, Kitty” and “Zolotoy Klyuchik” (“Red October”), “Milk up to the ceiling” and Toffee (“Azov confectionary factory”), MELLER (“Perfetti van Melle”), “Note boom” (“KDV Voronezh”). The GOST made toffee, made at the factory “Red October”.

Iris Palma

The right iris is a fondant, which is obtained when cooking condensed milk with sugar, molasses and fat. Anyway, this recipe is considered a classic. Now there are new technologies of cooking candy.

For example, in almost all tested samples is (and it is labelled!) palm oil and various additives (emulsifiers, flavors).

But at least in all of the toffee should be condensed milk, and therefore milk fat. But then immediately comments. Failed two samples. Sweets “Milk up to the ceiling” and Toffee presence of milk fat was not detected (perhaps it is there, but the amount of milk does not exceed 3% of total fat content). And if not him, then, there is no condensed milk.

Minimum detectable quantity of milk fat, 3% — in the sample “Note boom” and a little more, about 6%, “kitty-Kitty”. This suggests that at least a little bit, but condensed milk in the product precisely is. Leaders in the number of milk fat was MELLER and “the Golden key”.