Sobchak said that Russia should lead a civilized society

Sobchak said that Russia should lead a civilized society

Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested to send the candidate “against all” in a psychiatric hospital.

Ksenia Sobchak during a debate with six other candidates in presidents of Russia on the First channel reiterated that Russia forgets that a European country. According to the candidate “against all”, RF must return to “civilized society, and then to lead it”. Position Sobchak, has caused a sharp reaction from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who offered to send her “the loony bin”. In response, the presenter explained why on the Federal TV channel instead of a debate “staged masquerade raging clowns” and what prevents Russia to build a harmonious relationship with other countries.

Publication of Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Feb 27, 2018 10:45 PST

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“The main problem of our foreign policy is our domestic policy. Why are we not allowed without a visa in any developed country? Romanians allowed, and we do not!.. Cooperation with Europe prevents a single thing that our Minister of foreign Affairs of the foul language, …Leonid Slutsky grabs the ass of young journalists and then on the subject of jokes in Facebook. Decently need to learn how to behave in the international arena”, — said Sobchak.

Zhirinovsky offended the mention of Slutsky. “This girl 10 years jerked around. This transfer of “Dom-2” — total depravity. And now she remembers how someone someone somewhere for something pinched. You in the nuthouse need to lie, Sobchak” he said.

LDPR leader noted that those who attended the debate, the presidential candidates of the Russian Federation — “no fucking idea” in foreign policy and are not experts in this matter, unlike that of Zhirinovsky. He was indignant that Sobchak and Yavlinsky believe the war in Syria is inexpedient for Russia, and propose to leave the Middle East.

“People take an anti-state position for this shot in October 41-go year, when the Germans approached Moscow. We are in the eve of the war, a big war! The attacks [of the West] against Russia are not accidental. The war against Russia is underway for thousands of years… We’re the greatest country in the world. Europe is a small. Them there closely. They were always moving East… They want us gone. And you can’t understand it. Blind!” — said Zhirinovsky.

Ksenia Sobchak has noticed that the behavior of the leader of LDPR — “the horror.” She turned to viewers and said that those present in the Studio, presidential candidates tend not to win elections, and are “contractual sparring partners” Vladimir Putin.

“It’s just the extras, including elderly raging clowns that put here with one purpose: so you said, “we Have only one President and that is Vladimir Putin”. That’s what this whole masquerade is… the Past 18 years our country is led by one person. What he has achieved? We are two of a hybrid war? One in Ukraine, another in Syria? What is the purpose of these wars in which our people are dying? Ask these questions to Vladimir Putin!” — said Sobchak.

However, the candidate “against all” has agreed with Zhirinovsky in the assessment debate, which, in the opinion of the leader of the liberal democratic party, similar to the “school lesson”. Sobchak demanded from a leading Anatoly Kuzicheva conduct live debates, at eight o’clock, in Prime time, and rebuked him that he did not give all candidates equal time for responses. Kuzichev retorted: “everyone has equal time to the second, Ksenia. Then sit down with a stopwatch and count”.