In Moscow denied the involvement of detachment “Russia” to “cocaine case”

In Moscow denied the involvement of detachment “Russia” to “cocaine case”

Evidence that the plane special flight detachment (SLO) “Russia” is relevant to the investigation of the so-called “cocaine case” is untrue, the Board was provided to the mission by the Russian delegation, told RIA Novosti press-service of administration of the President of the Russian Federation.


In the media it was previously reported that the photos from the criminal case on the disclosure of supply of drugs from Argentina to Russia have a picture of the side of the flight task force.

According to press Secretary Manager of Elena Krylova, “the published data are not true, based only on some photos.”

She noted that the plane LAYER is actually performing the flight to Argentina, but was granted for delivery of the Russian delegation.

The plane carried out flight on a wide route, she added.

We know that a visit to Argentina on December 5 was Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev. Several media outlets later reported that the visit was connected with “cocaine”, however, Russian diplomats denied this information.

A joint operation

Late last year the intelligence services of both countries managed to stop the delivery to Moscow of 389 kilograms of cocaine. Several suspects were detained in Argentina, others in Russia. Bags of drugs found in the territory of the Russian Embassy.

At the same time of the discovery police reported themselves diplomats.
During the RAID, cocaine was replaced with flour, in bags placed GPS trackers, after which the police began to listen to phone conversations of people involved in drug trafficking. The value of the confiscated drugs on the black market is estimated at fifty million euros.