Argentine media: Pure cocaine carried to Moscow a friend of the Ambassador

Argentine media: Pure cocaine carried to Moscow a friend of the Ambassador

Journalists argue that the criminal group consisted of at least six people.


The cocaine, which was discovered in 12 suitcases in school at the Russian Embassy in Argentina, was a very high degree of purity. Local investigative authorities believe that the drug involved six people, and in a criminal group consisted of one of the employees of the Russian Embassy.

The Argentine newspaper Clarin, citing Minister of national security Bullrich Patricia argues that the shipment of cocaine to Moscow by diplomatic pouch was engaged accountant Ali Aslanov.

His two accomplices detained in Moscow when receiving the goods. The organizer of the scheme in Argentina is called “the Gentleman”. Under this pseudonym hides a businessman Andrei Kovalchuk, engaged in trade by alcohol, caviar, coffee and cigars, in mass media. “Mr. K” is wanted and may be hiding in Germany.

Abanov, according to investigators, on behalf of Kovalchuk took the goods from the mech Alexander Chicano and police Ivan Bliznyuk. Last worked in the Argentine law enforcement agencies, he was also in charge of the premises of the Embassy. Clarin sources suggest that the twin had delivered suitcases full of cocaine on the school grounds at the Embassy: the investigators found gaps in the records from surveillance cameras.

In Moscow the cocaine had to make some Vladimir Kalmykov and Istimer Khudzhamov. Such operations at the smelters, “Mr. K” organized at least twice, says Clarin. The third delivery is not specified: Abanov stopped working in the Embassy, and almost 400 kilograms of cocaine has been locked up.

Sources told Clarin that the purity of the drug was 88-95%. It is packaged in 360 packs.

Cocaine with such purity, likely to have been made in Colombia. Few countries in the world capable of such production of cocaine. Among them is Peru, but in this case it is unlikely.Clarin

The total cost of goods of 50 million euros.

In addition, a Clarin was recording the conversation, police Bliznyuk and mechanics Chica, partially confirming the version of the investigation. The defendants discuss “Citizen K” and its conflict with the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli. “[He’s] always something moving in suitcases. Now he had quarrelled with the Ambassador, before he was given the car and the documents in the pouch, now he doesn’t know what to do,” says the record Chicano Bliznyuk. Judging by the content of the conversation, some scheme members may not be aware that they are carrying.

The defendants, arrested while receiving suitcases full of cocaine in Moscow, was arrested by a Russian court in December. About it it became known only on February 26. The representative of the court told TASS that at the beginning of February, the court extended the term of arrest until April 13. We are talking about Ali Abyanova, Vladimir Kalmykov and Istimara Juganova.

The Argentine news Agency Infobae on February 22 reported that the school at the Russian Embassy in Argentina found 12 suitcases with 389 kilograms of cocaine. It turned out that the drug found in the end of 2016, and since then intelligence agencies of both countries conducted the investigation. Argentine law enforcement officers replaced the drugs in the bags of flour and at the end of 2017 was sent to Russia, where Russian law enforcement officers detained Kalmykov and Khudzhamov.

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