“Apparently, the cargo was imported by the official car of the former technical employee of the Embassy”

“Apparently, the cargo was imported by the official car of the former technical employee of the Embassy”

There are new details of the history of the discovery of cocaine in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Argentina. On Monday, the Tver court of Moscow has specified the names of the three defendants in the case about illegal trafficking and the smuggling of drugs from country to country. As it turned out, Vladimir Kalmykov, Istimara Khudzhamov and Ali Aslanov in custody since December last year, and in the early weeks of the term of arrest was extended. Information that the Russian and Argentine security forces stopped the supply of nearly 400 kg of cocaine from Argentina to Russia, appeared in the media on February 22. Bags of drugs found in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires. The investigation was conducted over the years. A situation in interview “Kommersant FM” said the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli.


— When and who discovered on the territory of the Russian Embassy suitcases with cocaine and what followed?

The suitcases, Packed and ready to ship, was discovered at the end of 2016, the current caretaker is the new caretaker of the Embassy who had just arrived on a business trip. Discovered during routine checking of inventory in the subsidiary building of the school and residential compound of the Embassy.

There are many warehouses, in cellars, where are stored all kinds of tools and equipment for routine maintenance, to maintain cleanliness and so on.

Here in one of these areas, they were found carefully hidden hidden suitcases. After which he immediately reported this to the Ambassador, that is me.

— Here you can specify what followed that message? You do have contact with the Argentine police, reported the Russian security services?

— It was my initiative to make contact with the Argentine police. Of course, after consultation with the centre, to Moscow. First and foremost, the report on the same day, immediately followed by in Moscow.

— Are you aware of the following names: Vladimir Kalmykov, Estimer Khudzhamov, Ali Abanov, Alexander Chica, Ivan Bliznyuk Andrey Kovalchuk?

— The names of the first two I found out only after they were detained by officers of Federal security service in Moscow. Before that, they never in the field of view did not arise.

Mr. Abijanov is the previous caretaker of the Embassy who, as it turned out, was a member of a criminal gang, and who brought these bags with the drug on the territory of a school and residential compound of the Embassy, where they hid in anticipation of upcoming opportunities to send.

So Abanow — name, familiar not only to me but many of my colleagues at the Embassy.

Mr. Bliznyuk — Argentine citizen, an employee of the Metropolitan police of Buenos Aires, the duties of which including included the maintenance of contact with different — not only with our diplomatic missions for cooperation in training. I can’t say that I knew him personally, but once or twice seen.