The CEC will investigate the error of the Tula electoral Committee

The CEC will investigate the error of the Tula electoral Committee

MOSCOW, 24 Feb — RIA Novosti. The CEC of Russia is conducting an internal investigation because of the erroneous publication of data on turnout in the conduct of training on preparation for presidential elections by the electoral Commission in the Tula region, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Agency Nikolay Bulaev.

Earlier media reported that the territorial Commission of the Tula region during the training to prepare for the elections on March 18, placed on the website information about voter turnout. The system administrator had mistakenly installed a non-training, and the working mode of the system, so the data came to the site.

“Admitted the mistake, when the training material came on the official website. There is an internal investigation… Sure to be a set reason why this has happened. An additional reason for a training exercise were more thoroughly analyzed and scrutinized,” said Bulaev.

He added that he sees in this situation “any crime that someone is trying to find.” According to the Deputy head of the Central election Commission, training training material was posted by accident is through the fault of a system administrator.

“In this case the error has occurred: instead of sending it to the training site, it (system administrator) send it on official site… it is Clear that he is wrong, of course, so it was impossible to do. But wrong are those who are now trying to give this special importance to find some signs of this event… It was a mistake, it can be found in any most respected media… And military operations because it makes no sense to announce,” said Bulaev.

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