Scientists: chocolate can become in the future a luxury

Scientists: chocolate can become in the future a luxury

Scientists predict tough times for chocolate manufacturers and even speculate about the possible disappearance of cocoa.

You have a sweet tooth or often buy chocolate as a gift? You have a reason for concern.

The future of cocoa processing has been threatened because of the alarming coincidence of a number of factors — from global warming to pests and genetic characteristics of the cocoa or chocolate tree.

Some researchers have gone pessimistic in their forecasts so far as to predict that in the next 40 years the death of the entire chocolate industry, the volume of which is estimated at 98 billion dollars.

Other specialists are urgently looking for ways to avoid such disasters.

But why do chocolate producers in danger?

We eat more chocolate

According to research conducted by Euromonitor, in the period of 2016-2017 years, global demand for chocolate confectionery products exceeded 7 450 tons, jumped by more than 10% compared to the figures five years ago.

The appetite with which humanity consumes the chocolate, mainly fueled by increased consumption in China and India, the two most populous countries of the world.

For example, India showed the highest growth in consumption in 2016 (13%).

But most of all sweet lives in the USA, where consumed 20% of world production of chocolate.

Thus the highest consumption of chocolate per capita is Switzerland.

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On average, according to trade organization Chocosuisse, the Swiss in 2016 ate 11 kg of chocolate each.

Chocolate pendulum

Data from the International cocoa organization, which monitors the market of this product, show that the situation on it was like a pendulum: within 20 years of deficit followed by surplus, and Vice versa.

A recent survey conducted by Bloomberg among traders, analysts and brokers to demonstrate that the offer of cocoa beans could exceed demand at 97 500 tons in the season 2017/18 — which is good, but only if you are a consumer of these products.