In Russia came into force new rules of passage of checkup

In Russia came into force new rules of passage of checkup

MOSCOW, 22 Feb — RIA Novosti. New rules of inspection entered into force on 22 February 2018. According to the government resolution published on the official Internet portal of legal information, now motorists are required to have not only a warning triangle, and first aid kit.

In addition, new regulations prohibited to operate the machine in case of damage and defects of power steering. If you use studded tires, it must be set on all four wheels.

Now car owners can also not be set colorless or colored optical parts and tint the headlights, remove provided by the design of the windshield wipers and washers.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry offers to toughen punishment for fictitious inspection. Operators that allowed operation not passed inspection vehicle offer fine of 10 thousand rubles. For the same actions committed by a group of persons in collusion, violators face up to four years of imprisonment.

Car drivers that have not passed THE offer to be punished by a fine of 800 rubles.