Housing a family matter. What happens to the legacy of Mikhail Zadornov?

Housing a family matter. What happens to the legacy of Mikhail Zadornov?

The daughter of the satirist, who assisted him in the work, it seems, does not claim the remaining from his father’s legacy. And the first wife, who was considered the “former”, provided the notary office… a valid marriage certificate.


Mikhail Zadornov did not November 10, 2017. Meanwhile, while none of his relatives did not give any interviews and not told about what will happen with the inheritance. But today it became known that their property rights Zadornov in the notary office, said his first wife Velta Zadornov.

With a Welt Kalnberzina Mikhail Zadornov was familiar from a school bench. The daughter of Secretary of the Riga Committee of the party and son of the famous writer Nikolai Zadornov made a great couple. They were married in 1971 year, since then never parted, as they say, never quarreled.

Not separated spouses, even when my name is Velta learned from the Newspapers that her husband has another family: a young fan of Elena Bombina satirist gave birth to daughter Elena. Zadornov acknowledged the girl, but away from the Welt wasn’t in a hurry.

There were rumors that he got divorced only when he is already an adult daughter accidentally found out that her dad is not married to her mother. But maybe it was just a rumor and there was no divorce, as the note of the notary’s office, which opened a probate case, Mikhail Zadornov, Velta Zadornov, together with a statement of acceptance of inheritance is also provided and a marriage certificate.

Despite the fact that most of the time, Zadornov spent with his second family, always supported by the first husband morally and financially. He left her apartment in Moscow in the famous “house of Yeltsin”, she always helped him with his work, went to the gigs, accompanied him on trips to Russia.

As for the second wife Elena Bombini and 27-year-old daughter Zadornov Helena, they have a notary and has not appeared. In their surroundings believe that they plan to completely abandon their respective share of the inheritance. It is known that Junior Elena Zadornov been living in Malta. Her acting studies, but in the movie it was not filmed — he helped his father with his creative activity. Sam Mikhail Zadornov repeatedly said in an interview that the money daughter will not leave, because I am sure — she will do everything on her own. Elena never really used the name Zadornov, has always lived apart. The only thing she took from the famous father — this accommodation in Malta and Moscow.