Experts of the White house called Russia a “hacker power”

Experts of the White house called Russia a “hacker power”

The Council of economic advisers, the White house published a report in which Russia is ranked as “hacker powers”. Also, this group included Iran, China and North Korea.

This group is the first of six in the world hacker competition, as, according to American experts, the governments of these countries directly sponsor a hacker attack.

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In addition to the “hacker powers” in the classification of the authors of the report also included corporate competitors, ideological hacker movement, criminal hacker groups hackers insiders and, finally, by hobbyist hackers who made over 75% of attacks in 2017. Another 25% were organized prepared by hackers. At the same time, experts have established that about half of all hackers linked to criminal groups, while with public institutions — only 18%.

According to estimates of experts of the Council, damage the American economy from hacker attacks in the past year amounted to more than $100 billion.

The most common methods of hackers in the report is sometimes referred to as blackmail, industrial espionage, and the creation of front companies to obtain control over the business competitors.

The authors of the report note that, in addition to economic goals “hacker powers” decide to use cyber attacks to make political, technical and military tasks.