“Russian bots” intensified after the shooting in Florida

“Russian bots” intensified after the shooting in Florida

The New York Times (NYT) reported another massive information attack “Russian bots” in the United States. This time the reason for it from the hundreds of accounts on Twitter, allegedly associated with Russia, was the shooting in Florida. Thus, according to experts, “Russian bots” trying to split the American society, playing this time on the differences in the views of US citizens on the free trade in arms.


According to the NYT, an hour after it became known about the shooting at the school in Florida, hundreds of managed bots accounts in Twitter has been running a campaign to discuss the issue on the control of arms trade in the United States. It is assumed that these accounts are linked with Russia. Another morning of the same day they all said the edition, published papers on the topic of RF interference in the presidential elections in 2016, and then, as if on command, switched to the new “hot” topic.

Accounts bots researchers from various firms tracking in the following ways: for example, a very large number of posts or content, which obviously coincides with the fact that they publish hundreds of other accounts.

This time the bots figured out to publish materials from Russian publications aimed at foreign audiences, as well as hashtags like #guncontrolnow #gunreformnow calling for an immediate reform of the law on arms trade in the USA.

This topic is traditionally one of the most controversial in America, and bots, according to the publication, did everything to cause an even bigger rift in American society. Before those accounts were seen in the promotion of tag, for example, the scandal surrounding athletes and the American national anthem the NFL and the Memorandum on illegal spying by the FBI and DOJ assistant Donald trump.

“We had more than a year to combine our efforts in the face of threats emanating from Russia, and to develop a strategy to prevent future attacks. However, in my opinion, we have still no full-fledged plan of action, stated in February at one of the hearings Senator mark Warner, who heads the Senate Commission on intelligence.— All we see is the continuing attacks by Russia on our democratic values”.