Reuters: coal deal with Ukraine strengthened the position of Donald trump in the US

Reuters: coal deal with Ukraine strengthened the position of Donald trump in the US

The agreement on deliveries of American coal-anthracite in Ukraine helped the presidents of both countries to strengthen their domestic political position.

It is reported Reuters citing a source familiar with the negotiations. According to him, the deal with Ukraine helped Donald Trump to run one of its key election promises, providing the coal-mining regions the necessary orders.

The election campaign of Mr. trump was held under the slogan of improving relations with Russia that have caused concern in Kiev. But everything changed after the visit of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to Washington, one of the major outcomes of which was the signing of an agreement for the supply of coal.

“Ukraine is already telling us they need millions and millions of tons right now, — said Mr. trump.— We want them to sell them and everything else in the world who need it”.

In July XCoal American and Ukrainian PJSC “Centrenergo” have signed the agreement, and in August the first shipment of anthracite coal arrived in Ukraine.

Coal from the United States has helped Ukraine to solve the problem of intermittent supply from the breakaway republics of Donbass, however, the market price, initially announced at $113 per tonne was higher than the competition. Later in “Centrenergo” reported that as a result, they were able to achieve prices around $100 per ton. At the same time, agreeing with Ukraine on the supply of coal, the USA strengthened not only the economic, but also political prestige in the international arena: trade Minister Wilbur Ross said that a deal with Kiev helped “strengthen a key strategic partner to the regional pressures that seek to undermine US interests”.

The price of pride — $1 billion Ukraine has estimated the damage from the cessation of purchases of gas from Russia