Iran tricked the USA and bought high technology to bypass the sanctions

Iran tricked the USA and bought high technology to bypass the sanctions

Iranian airline Mahan Air to bypass the sanctions have repeatedly bought through the Turkish front companies American jet engines and components for aircraft. This is with reference to the Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce reports the Wall Street Journal.

Products for aircraft the Iranian company bought several years, the last deal was committed in December 2017. For this purpose several Turkish firms. In this case, the US authorities were sometimes able to intercept the transaction until the sending component.

Company Mahan Air was left in the American sanctions list because of alleged ties with the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and suspected of supplying weapons to Syria.

The information disclosed may affect the transaction between the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing and other Iranian airline Iran Air. Last year Boeing signed a pledge to deliver 80 aircraft in the next 10 years.

2 February it became known that the United States Congress introduced a bill to toughen sanctions against Iran. The document envisages the introduction of additional restrictions including against the airline Mahan Air. Sanctions against Iran was conducted because of suspicions that Tehran under the guise of development of the peaceful atom creates nuclear bomb. Iran rejects the allegations.