Discovered an ancient burial mother with a baby in her arms

Discovered an ancient burial mother with a baby in her arms

Archaeologists in the Netherlands found the grave of the mother with the child, Dating back 6,000 years and probably makes it the oldest such burial ever discovered in the country.

The remains of the infant, which, according to experts, was a newborn or no older than six months at the time of death, discovered in a grave during excavations in the area Nieuwegein in the province of Utrecht. According to archaeologists, children’s is the oldest grave ever found in the country.

The remains were buried under about two meters of clay and peat. Archaeologists were very surprised to find the remains of a child near a skeleton of a young woman who died at the age of 20 to 30 years.

“The left hand of the woman was leaning against her body, and her right arm was bent,” explained the scientists, calling it a “fantastic find”.

According to them, the right hand women were found fragments of bones of the infant, including the skull, jaw, teeth, collar bone and leg bone, writes the New York Post.

Now, experts plan to conduct DNA analysis to determine whether or not the woman is the mother of the child, as well as to find out the sex of the baby.