The Ministry stated the greatest risk of poverty in young families with children

The Ministry stated the greatest risk of poverty in young families with children

Russian young families with children threatened by poverty more than elderly Russians, and the government tries to support them, said first Deputy Minister of labour and social protection Aleksey Vovchenko.

“Poverty risks, we are now among the elderly are not as high. We have poverty risks tremendously high especially in young families with children, this is the risk of poverty is number one, completely different demographic cohort,” said Vovchenko during the session of the “Silver economy. To ripen for business” at the Russian investment forum in Sochi on Friday.

“And now measures sotspodderzhki targetirovanie just on those who have poverty risks of the most high,” he said.Alex Vovchanskiy, Deputy Minister of labor and social development

Ensuring pensioners

However, according to Vovchenko, despite the increase in the number of Russians of retirement age, ciblak the government does not intend to withdraw from any social obligations on pensions. “It is firm, you know? Yes, we all understand and know how to count — “demographic overhang”, the life expectancy, the proportion of elderly and so on. Understand this is the norm and the guarantee that we as a state can not run. I mean pension, which, of course, must grow. The main goal — the maximum possible replacement of lost earnings pensioners,” said Vovchenko.

According to him, there are many mechanisms, this system is not too balanced.

“If you say that the Pension Fund consumes a lot of transfers, it is not balanced and so on… He is not balanced, not because we have so many seniors, it is not balanced, because we have inside lot of benefits for those (seniors — if), who is now working, I mean, it’s rates, rates of retirement. We have a lot of preferences for those who are working now are the same early retirement”, — he explained.