Krasnodar judge expelled in disgrace

Krasnodar judge expelled in disgrace

The qualification Board of judges of Krasnodar territory has ahead of schedule stopped powers of the judge of regional arbitration Alexei Shevchenko, who were swearing and generally inadequately behaved in the process. Mr. Shevchenko wanted to leave the judiciary on their own, to keep certain benefits, but colleagues kicked him for an act discrediting the status of a judge.

The Board considered two applications. From judge Alex Shevchenko, who decided on their own to resign from the judiciary, while receiving a decent retirement and saving benefits and acting Chairman of the regional arbitration Marina Krylova.

The appointed inspection found that the offense committed by the judge of Shevchenko, is a gross violation of the code of judicial ethics and the law on status of judges, therefore, deserves severe in this case punishment of dismissal on discrediting circumstances without any severance payments.

What happened: Mr. Shevchenko on the decision of the qualification Collegium left in disgrace the judicial system. Perhaps he will appeal against the decision of the former colleagues, but is unlikely to achieve its modification.

A graduate of the Kuban agrarian University, candidate of legal Sciences Merited lawyer of the Kuban Shevchenko since January 2011, he was Chairman of the judicial Board composition on consideration of economic disputes arising from civil and other legal relations. During one of the sessions he was rude to the participants in the process, used foul language and generally behaved not very adequate. Lawyers recorded the statement of the judge and posted it on the social network. Alexei Shevchenko after the scandal became public, wrote a letter of resignation.

Nikolai Sergeyev.