A unique family of bears from Russia have surprised scientists

A unique family of bears from Russia have surprised scientists

The staff of the national Park “Land of leopard” declare that a camera-trap recorded the event of world importance in the territory of the protected land spotted a bear with five cubs, which stay together for a third winter in a row.

Receiving data from camera traps, we were really impressed. Detection of bears with five cubs — is in itself a great event. But we were lucky for the second time to capture the amazing case of survival of the cubs. According to our data, this finding is unique not only for Russia but for the whole world.Gleb Sednaoui employee fgbu “Land of leopard”

It is assumed that to keep a large brood bear could due to the good harvest of the acorn, reported on the website of the national Park.

New images show a walk in the forest six large bears. Although well-fed the cubs haven’t compared dimensions with the mother, for the last year they have grown and gained weight. According to experts, in this form they would have to start an independent life, but a happy family is still holding together. Bears continue to grow under the care of her mother.

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The pictures were taken in December 2017 and obtained by scientists in February 2018 — this is the third winter this litter. Experts suggest that during this time the bears have learned everything necessary for independent life, and for the group this winter will be the last. Probably this spring, the brood breaks up and the bears, strengthened and full of energy, one after the other, finally separated from the mother.