Scientists named the most maneuverable and fastest animal on Earth

Scientists named the most maneuverable and fastest animal on Earth

Spiders-crabs were the most quick, agile and accurate living beings on Earth. Write about the American scientists in an article in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

These insects can be rotated 360 degree and take an accurate shot on the eighth victim in just a fraction of a second.

According to Sarah crews from the University of California at Merced (USA), lovchie networks use not all spiders. About 50% of them track down the victim and then trying to catch it, jumping on it. Others, such as spiders, crabs, attack victim from ambush.

Insects and other invertebrates, taking into account the difference in size, but not mammals or other vertebrate creatures, often are the most powerful, keen and quick creatures on Earth.

California biologists have found that living in houses and in forests in South and East Asia the spider-crabs are like “superheroes” in the animal world.

The researchers observed that these arthropods caught crickets and other insects, using high-speed cameras. It turned out that due to the unique anatomy of the legs and unusual program behavior, managing their work, these spiders have a unique ability — they can almost instantly turn around to catch the victim and stab her with his fangs in approximately 0.12 seconds.

Currently, scientists are studying how these spiders do such tricks, that will help to create a more agile robots, reports of NSN.

Previously, scientists have found that cockroaches first appeared on Earth about 235 million years ago, even before the emergence of dinosaurs.