Media: Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik for the first time said he repented

Media: Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik for the first time said he repented

OSLO, 16 February. /TASS./ Anders Behring Breivik, in 2011, organized the double attack in Norway, for the first time admitted that I regret.

As reported on Thursday evening, the website of the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang, Breivik stated this in a letter sent last year of the administration of Skien prison where he is being held, and later in conversation with invited to his psychiatrist.

“I regret the action that was taken on July 22, 2011, and, if it were possible, would make it so those events never happened”, — stated in the quotation from the letter cited by the newspaper.

About his remorse and intention to embark on the path of correction Breivik declared after March 2017, the Norwegian court of Appeal refused to recognize that the prison violated the rights of the criminal.

A terrorist seeking to review his case in the European court of human rights, says that he wants to start a new life, to abandon the Nazi ideology and to be a model prisoner. It is not excluded that this is linked to his decision to change the name — in June of last year it became known that the documents Breivik is now officially called Thorolf Hansen.

However, according to experts, it is still not showing any signs of empathy, not empathizes with their victims and do not realize the true extent of the crimes committed. He finds a strange justification for his actions and plans of life, though, and realizes that the rest of your days in prison. During the first trial of Breivik, held in 2012, “Norwegian shooter” has declared, that regrets only that he has failed to take the lives of more people.

“I see no reason to believe his statements. It seems clear that the attempted manipulation by Breivik, to which, in his own words, terrorists must resort to win,” the publication said forensic psychiatrist Henning of Vera.