The pilots were arguing before the crash

The pilots were arguing before the crash

Deciphered the cockpit voice recorder of the crashed An-148.


Investigators TFR, investigating criminal case about the catastrophe on 11 February in Moscow suburbs the plane An-148, the victims of which became 71 persons, has attached to it the data is parametric and voice recorders. The transcript records the latter suggests that, faced with different rates of speed in their displays, the pilots were fighting until the ship crashed into the ground. However, the accident occurred in a controlled flight.

“In the course of a criminal investigation, are in production of investigators of the main Department for investigation of particularly important cases of the TFR, the data of specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee on the transcript of the testimony of the flight recorders of An-148 aircraft that crashed on February 11 in Moscow. Materials MAC attached to the criminal case and under investigation,” — said the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

To reveal the contents of the records of the cockpit voice recorder she refused, citing the secrecy of the investigation.

According to “Kommersant”, the record that you had to restore a few days due to heavy damage of the “black box”, was quite short. Before departure from Domodedovo airport, the pilots read the checklist, powering or checking the various instruments and mechanisms. In this heated receivers full pressure (PAP), which reads the information of the speed sensor, why do not include, although this action is recorded in the map.

Shortly after takeoff, the pilots pay attention to a critical low and different speed readings on the instruments. Cursing, they are trying to solve this problem, increasing the speed and tilting the plane to the ground. The collision with the surface occurs under the inarticulate cries of the pilots, says the interlocutor of Kommersant.

According to his version, the transcripts indicate that the pilots did not understand, from-for what there was the distorted speed readings on the display and, consequently, in principle, could not cope with this critical situation.

Given all this, the Federal air transport Agency, attracting top flight instructors decided to develop a program for flight simulator with failures of various devices in the full flight simulator for An-148 established in Saint-Petersburg state University of civil aviation, and to train the pilots that control these aircraft.

Recall that, deciphering the flight data recorder of the crashed plane, experts the POPPY have come to the conclusion that the omission of heating could lead to icing of all three receivers mounted on the fuselage, and, accordingly, to modify transmitted data on the display pilots. As established experts, when the aircraft altitude of about 2 thousand meters speed indicator one of the pilots showed unacceptably low for such a situation, 200 km/h, and the other generally remained at zero. In this case the real speed of the liner was about 600 km/h. the Crew went into a sharp decline to score, he thought, missing speed, causing the plane crashed into the ground.