On the ice of the Angara river in Irkutsk there was an “oil lake»

On the ice of the Angara river in Irkutsk there was an “oil lake»

Specialists of Rosprirodnadzor and prosecutors are checking on the fact of a possible oil pollution of the Angara river in the village of Galkino (Irkutsk region), have informed “Interfax” in the regional Department of the Ministry.

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Oil spill was discovered Wednesday by local residents near Iljinskoe the tank farm, which currently uses the JSC “irkutsknefteprodukt” (enters in NK “Rosneft”).

“On the surface of the river ice close to shore and discovered oil. According to preliminary data, the area of oil pollution is about 250 sqm — contaminated area 50 m by 5 m. In fact the contamination is being tested, all the circumstances and the source is installed,” — said the head of the supervision division of water and land resources Alexander Zverev.

According to her, the work to eliminate pollution, the staff of “Irkutsknefteprodukt” siphon the oil from the ice.

The press service of “Irkutsknefteprodukt” reports that Galkinskaya tank farm is operating normally, the facts of a leak or spill of petroleum products do not exist.

However, said the press service, specialists of the company, including in collaboration with regulatory authorities in Irkutsk region, measures are taken to avoid the historically contaminated groundwater.

“In addition, experts of the tank farm is carried out daily monitoring of the territory along the coastline by sampling the water at several points. Exceeding of Mac for oil products in the tank farm area is not established,” said the company.

The tank farm in the village of Galkino works with the 1930-ies.

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As reported in April 2017 occurred oil pollution of the river Lena in the Irkutsk region in Ust-Kut. The liquidation was carried out “irkutsknefteprodukt”. When the company explained that “water-ice surface of the river oil traces made groundwater historically contaminated land, that is the result of economic activity of previous years.”