A letter to researchers from a neighbor

A letter to researchers from a neighbor

FANO responded to the appeal of scientists to the President.

Four hundred Russian scientists that sent Vladimir Putin an open letter about the catastrophic state of the domestic science, waited for the answer. As it turned out, their appeal was forwarded to FANO, which complained to the head of state researchers. In document 12 sheets the Agency has assured that doing everything possible to “maintain a high potential of Russian science”, and encouraged scientists to engage in constructive dialogue. Influential academic “Club July 1,” called explanations FANO “large scale deception” and recalled that scientists have turned to another recipient.

A group of 400 well-known Russian scientists sent an open letter to Vladimir Putin in the end of 2017. The authors stated that “the vast majority of the academic body” complained the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In their opinion, the reform has resulted in “unwieldy and broken system of science management” in which institutions are imposing a “manifestly inapplicable the usual rules of budgetary institutions”.

Scientists have stated that “the style and methods of work of FANO interfere with scientific activities”, and requested the President to “exercise political will” to change the legal status of wounds and to return scientific institutions that are now subject to the Agency.

On Wednesday, the authors of the letter said “Kommersant” that received an official response.

As it turned out, the office of the President decided that it was not in his jurisdiction, and the answer should give the government. The government also replied that it was not quite to him, and asked the Ministry of education.Vadim Pricingdirect Institute of high pressure physics

In turn, the Ministry assured the scientists that their “clearly expressed civil position is a matter of deep respect,” and promised to “carefully consider” their claims.

Officials also reminded the scientists about the positive results of the reforms: “the Russian Academy of Sciences got rid of functions not directly related to science in the first phase of the property management functions” and passed the letter on.

In the end, meaningful answer to the petition of scientists had the Federal Agency of scientific organizations to which academics and complained to President Vladimir Putin.

It should be noted that the Agency has approached this task seriously: if the scientists letter fit on one page, the response FANO is 12 sheets. The Agency meticulously explains that the requirement to transfer academic institutions back in management of wounds unenforceable as contrary to Federal law, two decrees of the President, two resolutions of the government, and “formed the system and structure of Federal Executive authorities”.

The Agency notes that the scientists, demanding to give the RAS a “special status” does not indicate what kind of status they have in mind. Complaints that research institutions “do not apply ordinary rules of budgetary institutions”, for FANO made no impression — officials are reminded that by law the “institution” created to work including in the field of science, education, “as well as in other areas.”

Also, officials reported on the state funding of science in the years 2014-2018 (decreased initially, but now will rise), the number of scientific publications (increased significantly) and the number of young scientists in scientific institutions (over three years increased by 3%). “FANO of Russia is always ready for constructive dialogue” “in the framework of current legislation,” reads the letter.