What happens in the brain in love

What happens in the brain in love

Poets for centuries have tried to understand the mysteries of love, but the explanation they found neuroscientists. TASS — the molecules that generate a wonderful feeling.

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They studied on the same course. For a long time, Irina didn’t pay him any attention. Before the seminar. Oleg volunteered to read the report about the theory of origin of speech in primitive people. The theme itself was already boring. Awakened her from his reverie by a loud laughter of classmates. Listening, she suddenly became interested — Oleg spoke fluently, interestingly, a lot of jokes and stood before a hundred fellow students very confident. View Irina involuntarily glanced appraisingly at his figure, broad shoulders, developed muscles. He turned to to draw something on the Board, and at this moment she shamefully found herself looking at his buttocks…

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Cheeks rushing blood, and his hands suddenly sweaty. She remembered that quite recently read fresh research that said that women in men attracts primarily athletic, obvious signs of physical force.

Hmm, but this is not about me. I thing that was smart, funny, kind, gentle and caring.

And then Oleg turned and looked exactly at her straight in the eye for a long time, taking a solid break. Around his eyes gathered mischievous wrinkles, and his face like lit up in warm light.

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“Why Oleg is inside my head? — this question tormented Ira for a week. — No matter what I do, the thoughts keep coming back to it again and again. Moreover, it seems to me that he is the best among all the guys! The one and only!”.

“Yes, everything is simple, — came to the rescue of best friend Ira a student Luba. Now I’ll explain.

Scientists believe that the basis of love is based on three factors: the selection of a preferred partner, establish with them proximity and sexual attraction. Now you have a dominant first factor. Our brain in the course of evolution acquired the ability to identify one potential partner among many. Why did this happen? There are many hypotheses that explain it, for example, about “the effect of grandmothers.”