Tomsk police checks due to complaints of “poltergeist»

Tomsk police checks due to complaints of “poltergeist»

NOVOSIBIRSK, February 14 — RIA Novosti. Police in the Tomsk region officially checks on the complaint of villagers Marksa Kolpashevo district on what is happening in the house unexplained phenomena, told RIA Novosti the representative of regional UMVD.

On Tuesday the portal with reference to the report on behalf of the head of the regional interior Ministry cupola of Alexander Budnik reported that residents of a private home, it was reported that in the house “something weird is going on, including flying knives.”

Police arrived on the scene allegedly confirmed the events. According to residents, a few days in the “house of flying objects, falls furniture” and “fell wardrobe, empty room flew the stick, and dropped from the shelf books»

“The staff of bodies of internal Affairs received a message from a citizen living in Kolpashevsky district, Tomsk region. Currently, police checks in accordance with the current legislation”, — told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs, adding that all official information about this.

At the same time, the official comment on the situation published Kolpashevskaya diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, which States that on 12 February to the priests asked the family, in whose house began to happen unexplained phenomena: spontaneously flew a variety of items, falling furniture.

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“These facts are confirmed by representatives of law enforcement, also addressed on this occasion to the diocesan office. Arrived on the scene a priest, following the tradition of the Church, performed the rite of the consecration of the house, and held a conversation with his tenants. During the conversation, the teenager, became the main subject of supernatural phenomena, expressed a desire to accept Baptism,” — said in the message.

The diocese has interpreted the events in Markse as “the action of “spiritual forces of evil” — so calls the fallen angels the Holy Scriptures”.

Evil is irrational, aggressive and destructive. Its purpose is to intimidate, to tempt and destroy the human soul. However, evil is powerless before the action of divine love. If only the man himself — freely, sincerely and consciously turned to her. On the path of faith commanded by Christ and repentance. Connected with the Church founded on earth by the Lord to make a man spiritually perfect and inaccessible to the forces of evil.Statement of the diocese