The money up front

The money up front

The Russians decided to bring happiness to the lovers, but broke the dollar.

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Millions of lovers every year are asking the question: “What to give your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?”In an effort to prevent an epic fail, the fantasy of passionate people reach of madness. In addition, the important fact that expenditure — the gift should be memorable, but not hit on the wallet. «” understood what you are waiting for the second half, and what is not and what amount for the gift will have to pay-to remember both.

Valentine’s day may be one of the most controversial of the secular-religious holidays of the present. Accurate information about its origin there, and the whole story is based on legends and conjectures, some of them date back to the Roman pagan feast to Lupercalia. A celebration of fertility in honor of the goddess of feverish love took place in Ancient Rome from 13 to 15 February. According to one version, during the holiday in the place where the she-wolf suckled the founders of Rome Romulus and Remus gathered the young people who sacrificed cattle in honor of the goddess.

From the skin of dead animals they did the whip and the whips, then stripped naked and ran back to the city, athletica every woman that came his way — the woman did not resist, on the contrary, set up the bare parts of the body: it was believed that each hit increases fertility.

The ritual was very popular in Ancient Rome, especially against the background of falling birth rates.

The sexual Orgy in 494 year marked the Pope gelase I, who declared the victory of Christianity over the pagan holiday and banned Lupercalia. In 496 year he was canonized Martyr Valentine of Rome, who in 269-m was killed.

Whether he is founded to replace the old new celebration in honor of Saint Valentine is unknown. According to one version, Yes, the other about the glorious Lupercalia just forgotten. Another version says that the Christians began to honor Valentine almost alone. The Valentine of Rome who was killed in the year 269, according to legend, annoy the Roman authorities, violating a ban on conducting Christian weddings, in parallel, fell in love with his executioner’s daughter and wrote her a Valentine before his death.

Nowadays Valentine’s Day is almost distanced himself from his religious past, and finally turned into the triumph of God called “marketing”, and the love turned into a business model, the apotheosis of which every year falls on February 14. However, to earn love, love is not all celebration is banned in many Muslim countries: Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Love’s a bitch

In Russia Valentine’s Day is not yet banned, and the vast majority of Russians celebrates this holiday. According to the study Picodi, which is at the disposal “of the”, about 67 percent of Russians celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not to celebrate this holiday, citizens accounts for 33 percent, the proportion of men and women in this category were roughly equal. But the proportion of those who have never received a gift on February 14, among men was much higher — 26 percent versus 16 percent.

Sexual inequality was evident in the level of spending on gifts. Men are willing to spend on their loved ones a half times more than women: 4357 2740 rubles against rubles, the average bill for the celebration on February 14 is 3548 rubles.

The most desirable and also most popular gift for the Russians is a romantic dinner.

36% of men and 37 percent of women choose the dinner as a gift, while for women this kind of gift is much more desirable than men: 44 percent vs. 33. And then there is the battle of the sexes, where the expectation is breaking on the harsh reality.

The most desirable gifts for women, in addition to the dinner, were: flowers (33 per cent), going to the theatre or cinema (28%), travel or a trip outside the city (25 percent), jewelry (23), perfumes (19), underwear (18), gift certificate (16), electronics (16) and sweets (16). Men on such requests meet the following gifts: a trip to the cinema or theatre (23%), Valentine (19 per cent), electronics (18 percent), flowers (14), jewelry (9) appliances (9), plush toy (8), sweets (8) perfumes (8).

Men expect 14 Feb to receive from their loved ones something from the electronics (25 percent), going to the cinema or theatre (19), money (17), a journey or a trip outside the city (13), Valentine (11), gift certificate (10), perfumes (9) appliances (9), and another 9 percent would prefer not to obtain from his beloved a gift. Women respond to it the following gifts: gift handmade (17), going to the cinema or theatre (15), Valentine (13), clothing (13), electronics (12), sweets (11) gift certificate (9), perfumery or cosmetic set (6 percent).