Reveals the content of the “sex manuals” of the XVIII century

Reveals the content of the “sex manuals” of the XVIII century

“The sex manual”, created in 1720, will be auctioned at the end of March 2018. The starting price is 110-160 pounds.


For the first time “a Masterpiece of Aristotle, is made in two parts,” published in 1684 in London, this guide to sex and family relations. It is possible to find recommendations on diet for men. For example, the man should eat eggs, sparrows, pigeons, blackbirds and mosquitoes, ginger and turnips for “seed of abundance”.

Also the authors argue that the deviations in newborns blamed “the imagination of parents”, which at the time of conception thought about other people. Favorable time for conception of a boy, as stated in the manual that comes when the sun is in Leo and moon in Virgo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. To a girl is the day for conception should be chosen such that the Moon was in Libra or Aquarius.

Until the 1960s years the book was banned because of “violent content”.

“For this there were several reasons. For example, in the images of “monsters” who were “born of an unnatural link women with animals”, — said the employee of the auction house Jim Spencer. — It should be borne in mind that this book was written during a time when people still burned witches in England.”