Problems An-148 Superjet found. But safety officials decided to improve on the ground

Problems An-148 Superjet found. But safety officials decided to improve on the ground

Problems with the plane An-148, named the probable cause of the disaster which claimed the lives of 71 people, are increasingly being observed and the flagship of the Russian aircraft SSJ100. A week before the disaster for problems with a divergence speed readings complained, for example, the pilots of “Aeroflot”. Only a couple of days of snow with the SSJ100, there were seven such incidents, but in 2011 — 14. However, Sony is in no hurry to apply the measures to the aircraft, considering the root of the problem poor performance of airports.


Technical problem, which has become, probably, 10 February the cause of the accident An-148 near Moscow, which killed 71 people, February 12, was a common and known phenomenon. Rosaviatsia has already February 12 sent a telegram to the heads of airlines, aerodrome operators and territorial authorities with a request to pay attention to the shortcomings of airfield operations. It talks about problems that, as announced on February 13 the interstate aviation Committee (IAC) was the most likely cause of disaster: icing is caused by the failure of the speed indicators from the pilots that has led to critically high performance aircraft.

On Board was fixed the discrepancy in speed readings from the aircraft commander and copilot. The incidents occurred in the run-up for takeoff or in the initial stage of climb. In all cases the crew stopped the takeoff or return to the aerodrome of departure. Upon inspection of the aircraft was discovered deposits of ice on the fuselage in front of the receiver air pressure.

Ice formation can occur under conditions of heavy snowfall, due to freezing of water flowing down from the front top of the fuselage and glass cockpit. In “Aeroflot” on request “b” did not answer. The Federal air transport Agency of “Kommersant” confirmed the authenticity of the telegram.

Only according to Rosaviation, in 2011 with the SSJ100 has been 14 similar incidents related to the lack and inconsistency of testimony of the velocity, follows from the document.

Based on the investigation of three incidents the cause of the problem was associated with the ingress of water into the receivers of the system of air signals. In one case, it was concluded that the omission of the crew of the vessel heat sinks full pressure (PPD).

Same problem zafiksirovany in the report the POPPY about the causes of the crash of An-148.

In “Civil planes Dry” (GSS, manufacturer SSJ100) did not comment on the telegram, saying only that the SSJ100 has successfully passed certification tests “subject to more stringent requirements for flight in icing conditions than were applied to previously certified aircraft.” In the operational documentation on the SSJ100 contains all necessary recommendations to ground personnel in the preparation of the aircraft for the flight and the flight crew for operation in adverse weather conditions, highlighted in the GSS.

Meanwhile, the Federal air transport Agency issues to the aircraft and is not intended.

The telegram as one of the factors of aviation accidents and incidents in recent years is called “the low quality of the airfield to receive and release of aircraft” but also inecient risk assessment of flight operations in hazardous weather such as severe rainfall, snow or rain. So, with the runways and taxiways poorly cleaned ice and compacted snow receives biased information about the type, size and thickness of the contamination layer, and because of the presence of snow embankments on the side of the runway and taxiways can happen collision with them.

As an example of poor cleaning of artificial surfaces is Sheremetyevo. Because of the poor quality of preparation of the runway of the airfield Anadyr, an incident occurred with a Boeing 767: when landing, chunks of ice on the runway has significantly damaged the mechanization of the wing, and the aircraft was removed from operation. Sheremetyevo claims Adjuster is not comment.

To solve the problems of the Federal air transport Agency has proposed a responsible service and safety management “to collect, analyze, and evaluate information about hazards and risks of operation of the aerodrome and security of operations in difficult and abnormal weather conditions.

It is also proposed to consider the comments of the airlines on the status of the artificial coverings of the airfield. While the leaders of the organisation to make decisions about discontinuing or release of the aircraft taking into account the predicted and actual weather conditions, as well as opportunities airfield services for the preparation of the airfield to receive and release of aircraft.

Elizabeth Kuznetsova