Most passionate day

Most passionate day

The theft of the statue, “Gazelle” on the fifth floor three days in a swamp and other strange things lovers.

Russian border guards third time caught Ukrainian alimony, which tried to escape to his beloved Crimea. Lovers of passions often do stupid things, violating the law and getting into crime reports. The portal Valentine’s Day tells what crimes and extreme actions they are going and how it ends.

To break through the thorns

A resident of the Kherson region of Ukraine made a third attempt to escape to the civil wife in the Crimea. This time he was prepared as follows. To forge a passport, he traded a bottle of vodka for someone else’s birth certificate, and then with the help of bribes received at home a false document. The number is not passed: the guards found out about malicious intruder and caught him once trying to escape. Such tests, as it turned out, the man suffered not only for the sake of the beloved, and to escape from having to pay alimony.

But a woman from Kazakhstan was not for selfish motives. She rushed to meet who has a broken leg trucker across the Uzbek-Kazakh border, despite the lack of a passport. The woman survived the whole adventure.

The stories of friends, found a couple in the border village, which is supposedly able to help her get to a neighboring country, bypassing the control. Paying them off with the latest wealth, the ghosts and the mobile phone.

In the end, the appointed conductor led her to the border in the reeds and disappeared in an unknown direction, and the woman was frightened, began to call for help and called the… border guards, who detained her and. What ended the affair, is unknown.

Distance is not terrible

Teenagers can give a handicap to an adult when we are talking about strong feelings. And thus do not spoil your future. 17-year-old resident of the Volgograd region because of the eagerness to see his girlfriend now faces a real imprisonment. To get to it for 80 km, the young man drove three cars the neighbors a few days in a row. Only here the car “stalling” at the wrong moment, and at the third attempt the young man was arrested.

Desperate Teens cause much worry parents, throwing all for the sake of meeting any girl. 14-year-old boy from the Crimea had fallen in love with the girl from the Krasnodar region, whom he met in social networks.

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Virtual communication was not enough, so the teen decided to go on a desperate act and secretly run away from home. Parents searched to no avail the son and in the end appealed to law enforcement agencies. The young man was intercepted on the way to the Kerch ferry.

The story of 15-year-old schoolgirl from Nizhnevartovsk ended sad — Romeo and Juliet living in different parts of the country, and not met. Girl for the sake of the beloved departed to Saint-Petersburg — 3 thousand km from home. She almost reached the goal: law enforcement drew attention to the lonely girl, when she rode the train “Chelyabinsk — Saint-Petersburg”. It turned out that the parents of the Schoolgirls didn’t even notice she was missing. The resolute girl was in the shelter, and her parents threatened punishment.