In cans it’s time to change something. Manufacturers suhpaykov accused of fraud by stew and pate

In cans it’s time to change something. Manufacturers suhpaykov accused of fraud by stew and pate

As it became known “Kommersant”, the TFR took its production from the interior Ministry a criminal case of fraud in the supply suhpaykov for the interior Ministry, Regardie and the Ministry of defense. His defendants charged with causing damage amounting to more than RUB 200 million, based on a study that found in cans of beef chicken DNA. Lawyers for the prisoners whose complaints were rejected by the courts and regulatory authorities, believe that the claims against their clients related to the redistribution of market food supplies law enforcement agencies. They have appealed to President Vladimir Putin a letter asking him to pay attention to the situation.

A criminal case under part 4 St. 159 criminal code (fraud in especially large size) was brought by the investigative Department of the MIA in September of last year. The reason was conducted by the Chief military Prosecutor’s office checks revealed a discrepancy supplied products to the merchants terms of the contract.

In the end, was under investigation founder “Baryshsky meat-processing plant” and the General Director of LLC “Agrosoyuz “Lyubava”” Michael Lakshin, Executive Director of the latter structure Mikhail Springs and the CEO is a member of GK “Agrosoyuz “Lyubava”” LLC “Mtsensk meat processing plant” Dmitry Atroshchenko. At the request of the investigation, all three were arrested by the Tverskoy district court of the capital and the Moscow city court refused to release.

According to investigators, when delivered in 2015, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation 1,251 million individual diets (they were internal troops, and now being in Resguardo), which included including roast beef, beef stew and pate “Soft”, nearly 681 million rubles, the accused stole about 100 million rubles.

As suggested by the interior Ministry, the fraud was carried out by changing raw materials in the canned food using cheap ingredients. The evidence of the latter was the examination that detected the DNA of a chicken in banks. In the canned goods there were also potato starch, which should not be in terms of delivery, and the mass share of meat products, according to the investigators, was only 4% instead of 37%.

A similar contract for the supply of canned goods was signed with the Ministry of defense. In the unit Baryshsky meat-processing plant had supplied more than 4 million rations worth over 2.5 billion rubles.

In this case, according to investigators, the defendants at the expense of the replacement ingredients could steal more than 122 million rubles.

According to “Kommersant”, the materials of the case took its manufacturing of the TFR. The lawyers of the accused are not inclined to connect it with the attempt to objectively understand the situation. “In our opinion, now the consequence will try, including with our clients, to bring to justice some of the representatives of the interior Ministry and the Ministry of defense, relating to contracts. Because individuals from these departments are the subjects, the investigative Department that could not do”, — said “Kommersant” one of the defenders.

According to him, all this is happening against the backdrop of the fact that the Moscow Arbitration court in October 2017, the Ministry of interior denied the claim for replacement of 3.36 thousand rations worth about 2 million rubles due to “unreasonable claims”.

In particular, the plaintiff presented as evidence the so-called test of canned “buckwheat Porridge with beef,” the court considered improper evidence, because “the laboratory has tested products on the basis of incorrect and invalid Standards”. In addition, the Tribunal found unreasonable the plaintiff’s claim for replacement of 3.36 thousand suhpaykov also on the grounds that of the entire batch of the test were only three cans of food.

“However, without waiting for the decision of appeal instance representatives of Baryshsky meat plant, not to cast a shadow on the reputation of the company, expressed willingness to replace the rations that had been put forward claims,” — said the representative of the accused.

In the same way Baryshsky meat-processing plant had replaced over 440 thousand cans and the Ministry of defence, to which office there were complaints.

According to the lawyers, the replacement of these products dispute and was to be completed, as any damage not caused by anyone. The indictment, based on the identification of several cans of meat and meat and cereal canned food with other ingredients (this could be due to the fact that the same lines are used for the production of different products), as well as the charges of embezzlement of funds that make up the full cost of the parties suhpaykov lawyers call absurd.

The criminal prosecution of their clients, the defenders associated with the redistribution on the market of food suppliers in the Russian power structures.

In particular, this is stated in the letter sent by counsel to address the President of Russia. It advocates, in particular, draw the attention of the head of state that other suppliers in the same framework of contract claims from the investigation have arisen, although their canned food was also not provided for in the agreements, the ingredients.

Oleg Rubikovich