Distributors has moved the premiere of “the Avengers: infinity War»

Distributors has moved the premiere of “the Avengers: infinity War»

May holidays will pass without a major Hollywood releases in theaters: release of the blockbuster “the Avengers: infinity War” moved from 3 to 10 may. This will eliminate competition for Russian paintings, including the directorial debut of Konstantin Khabensky “Sobibor”, the idea of which belongs to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

The Russian office of Disney announced the postponement of the date of the release of the blockbuster film Marvel’s “Avengers: infinity War” from 3 to 10 may. In the US the film will be released on may 4th. Disney representative did not answer, for whatever reason, decided. The previous, the second part of this franchise, “Avengers: age of Ultron” was released in April of 2015 and installed at the time the record for starting duties in Russia with the cashier 815,8 million rubles in the first weekend. Only, the film has collected in Russia and the CIS 1.7 billion rubles.

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Officials increasingly are moving the release date of major Western films, not to create competition to domestic Prime Ministers.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has repeatedly stressed the conviction that for the Russian Prime Minister it is necessary systematically to push screen time.

The Christmas holidays passed without a high-profile Hollywood premieres and big film project in 3D-format. In a press-service of the Ministry of culture has not yet responded to a request “b” on the transfer “the Avengers”.

Schedule of releases of “Booker’s Bulletin” implies that at the same date 3 may scheduled the premiere of the film “Sobibor”. Its Director — Konstantin Khabensky, he also plays the main role, a Soviet officer, led a revolt in a concentration camp. The idea for the film belongs to Vladimir Medinsky.

At the end of January with its fragments have already seen President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre. The CEO of the company “karoprokat” (the distributor of “Sobibor”) Alexey Ryazantsev noted that the release date of the film has not yet confirmed the distribution certificate.

Without “the Avengers” on may holidays there is no major Hollywood release. Transfer “the Avengers” will be convenient for Russian films “Coach” (the directorial debut Danila Kozlovsky, starts 19 April), “Tanks” (out April 26) and “Sobibor”, said the chief editor of “Booker’s Bulletin” Maria Vogt. And “the Avengers” already in the second week will be a competition with “Dedpula-2”, she adds.

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Cinemas are already concerned about the transfer of “the Avengers”. “The unexpected transfer of a blockbuster without a good technical reason or changes the world the release date, can only be associated with the same unexpected appearance on the date of the Russian paintings. This transfer would adversely affect the total revenue of the theaters in may, we hope to change this decision”, — noted in a press-service of a network “Karo”.

Anna Afanasyeva